FANUC’s ROBOSHOT demo showcases the cutting edge of sustainability

Stand D60, Interplas 2023, 26-28 September, NEC, Birmingham

Showcasing its end-to-end sustainability credentials from raw material handling to final packaging, FANUC UK will feature a live on-stand automated manufacturing cell at Interplas 2023 (stand D60, 26-28 September 2023, NEC, Birmingham). Comprising a FANUC all-electric ROBOSHOT injection moulding machine, a FANUC LR-10iA 6-axis robot arm and ancillary equipment provided by FANUC’s on-stand partner Hi-Tech Automation, the fully automated system will also display live data showing the amount of energy being used, as well as the cost to run the cell, to highlight the efficiency gains offered by the ROBOSHOT.

Protecting planet and profit

Sustainability is front of mind for injection moulding firms. Addressing this concern, FANUC aims to show Interplas visitors the ability of its ROBOSHOT machine to handle a wide range of materials, including bioplastic, as well as highlight the energy and cost savings compared with hydraulic alternatives.

“As the FANUC ROBOSHOT is all electric, it uses 50-70% less energy than hydraulic machines, and 10-15% less energy than other all-electric machines,” says Martin Grimshaw, ROBOSHOT Sales Manager for FANUC UK. “In fact, it has been proven to be one of the lowest energy consumptions worldwide and one of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.”

With 60% of manufacturers reporting that out of control energy bills are now threatening their business1, being sustainable is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ but a business imperative. The demonstration cell at Interplas will be linked to a clamp meter which will measure in real time the amount of power the unit is drawing from the grid and display it live for visitors to see, as well as the value of that power in pounds and pence.

The ROBOSHOT also measures this data as standard and visitors will be invited to compare the two screens, to gauge the accuracy of the ROBOSHOT’s built-in energy meter. “We are looking forward to proving to Interplas visitors just how much energy can be saved with the ROBOSHOT, and the resulting financial benefits that it can offer,” explains Martin.

 Full production lifecycle

The standard automation cell being showcased at Interplas features the FANUC ROBOSHOT S150iB at its heart. As well as low energy consumption, this CNC injection moulding machine offers repeatably high levels of consistency and accuracy, superior mould protection and rapid acceleration.

With system integration being a key talking point for the plastics industry, the ROBOSHOT will be tended at Interplas by a Standard Automation Cell from Hi-Tech, FANUC’s system integrator partner for the injection moulding sector. The system features the FANUC LR-10iA robot positioned on a linear rail to create a 7th axis, giving it full range of movement across and above the entire length of the cell.

“We are excited to show visitors what the ROBOSHOT can do and, just as importantly, demonstrate how the energy efficiency benefits extend across the entire manufacturing cell; from raw material handling to final packaging,” adds Martin.






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