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Contact: Kamil Maryszczak
Work 16 Yeoman Drive Cambridge CB3 0GZ Phone: +44 7917 493393 Website: Mouldflo


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Mouldflo offers high-quality solutions for monitoring, analysing, testing and diagnosing the cooling circuits on moulds.


Flow Monitoring System

The Mouldflo Flow Monitoring System gives users the knowledge they need to improve production value, optimise energy efficiency and protect their moulds. The advanced solution which is compatible with any type of injection moulding machine monitors temperature, pressure and flow in the cooling circuits using high-quality intelligent manifolds, mounted directly on the machine.

By using the system’s alarm functionality, the user will be alerted of common cooling circuit problems, such as:

  • Lack of water flow from the TCU
  • Blocked waterways
  • Scale or rust build up
  • Incorrect piping

Test Rig

The Test Rig offers a unique way to simulate a production setup and ensure the quality of brand new, or recently serviced moulds.

Equipped with its own water tank, pump, manifold and a full software setup, the Test Rig allows users to document, validate and maintain moulds by testing them in a practical all-in-one tool.

The features of the Mouldflo Test Rig include:

  • Flow and pressure test of the cooling circuits
  • Air pressure leak test – a safe and easy way to test for leakages without overflowing water
  • Wi-Fi and ethernet connection allowing for easy sharing of test results
  • Extended software solution, including Optimisation Analysis of how to achieve maximum flow on a mould with minimal pressure possible, thereby allowing users to significantly optimise energy consumption
  • A water exchange system that makes it possible to automatically fill and purge water through the software, ensuring clean water for testing at all times



The Mouldflo Cart is developed to give users a temporary overview of the cooling channels in their production.

It offers the complete functionalities of the Flow Monitoring System, put neatly together in a standardised setup, attached to a moveable frame.

This makes the Cart a mobile and flexible plug & play solution that can be used in rotation on several moulding machines in a production line.

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16 Yeoman Drive Cambridge CB3 0GZ