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Mouldflo A/S

Contact: Anjum Parwaiz
Work Dynamovej 11,2 Dk-2860 Soeborg Phone: +45 4020 7722 Website: Mouldflo A/S


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Established in 2013, Mouldflo Denmark specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced products and solutions to secure effective monitoring of mould cooling channels and mould cooling circuits. Mouldflo offers: The FMS system, the Test-Rig and the TCU monitoring unit.

The digital FMS (Flow Monitoring System) is an advanced monitoring system to be installed permanently on an injection moulding machine, replacing the traditional analogue flow meters. The FMS monitors in real-time how efficient the cooling is in each individual mould cooling channel. The FMS provides an accurate, easy-to-understand and user-friendly monitoring of the cooling temperature, flow rate, pressure loss, as well as heat removal and heat loss for each cooling channel of the mould. With this insight the production can be kept stable, effective, and well-documented. For the operator and the production management this means effective management and control of the production translated into shortened production start-up, lowest cooling cycle-time, low scrap and lowest amount of water, pump and cooling/heating spent per produced plastic item. The FMS also acts as a predictive maintenance tool that monitors and prewarns about damages, scale and rust built up in the mould cooling channels.

The advanced mould Test-Rig is a self-contained test and validation unit with an 8-channel simultaneous check of mould cooling channels. The Test-Rig provides test functions to detect limescale and rust-built up, detect internal resistances blocking the flow, and detect damages and leakages in cooling channels. Timely warning prolongs the lifetime of the mould, and more importantly, always secures effective cooling and shortest possible cycle-times. The Test-Rig also has an advanced test function that helps determine the most optimal pump-pressure / flow rate for each channel which will help to shorten the start-up time of the production significantly when the mould is put into production.

The Mouldflo products are developed based on our deep knowledge of cooling and our desire to help moulders and mould makers always maintain the best mould cooling. Our aim is to provide products and expertise that will make plastic component production efficient, sustainable, and based on predictability and prevention.

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Dynamovej 11,2 Dk-2860 Soeborg